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Welcome post ♥ 
15th-Mar-2011 09:54 pm

Welcome to this community dedicated to Kitano Kie !

Well, I've been surprised that there wasn't a community for Kitano Kie yet, that's why I decided to finally create it ! =] I hope there are a lot of fans out there ready to join me here ! ;D
And do not hesitate to spread the word to your LJ-friends ! (ノ^▽^)ノ♥

Anything related to Kie (from infos to graphics) is welcome, so feel free to post !

There are only a few rules :
✖ Please respect every other member. Stay tolerant, do not bash, be nice...
You can link to your own journal or other communities entries as long as those are public entries.
✖ Entries containing downloads must be set as members only !
✖ Pictures over 400px (width or height) must be put under cut.
Also, if you post a lot of pictures/gifs/videos, please lj-cut your entry as well.
Think about people who do have a slow connection ;)
✖ Do not write full entries with huge fonts or too many colors, it's not pleasant to the eyes.

One last thing : If you want to affiliate, just let a comment on this entry.
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