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This is a community dedicated to the actress and singer Kitano Kie.

And it is still under construction. But don't hesitate to post !
26th-Jun-2011 05:58 pm - Wallpapers

Hellooooow ♥

I feel creative lately, and I found on my hard drive a few lovely shoots so I made some wallpapers out of these. I posted them on my Tumblr but as you might not be following me there, here they are.
Tell me what you think about them, ne ? =]

(*^▽^)/ 3 wallpapers \(^▽^*)

++Collapse )

Oh also, I haven't scanned yet my photobook of Love Fight. m(_ _)m
I'll try to find some motivation in the next days and post everything asap.
26th-May-2011 06:13 pm - [Preview] Singles + Love Fight

Well, we're not a lot here for now, but I should definitely update this community more.
I'm such a bad admin/maintainer~ m(_ _)m

So. I don't have so many stuffs to share with you right now because I've been too lazy to post them on my own journal (and so they're not ready to be posted here either).

But as I received my singles a few days ago, I thought I might just share this with you guys. ♥
I got the versions of both 花束 (Hanataba) and 絆 (Kizuna) with the photobook and the off-shot.
I also have the DVD of Love Fight (movie she's co-starring with Hayashi Kento) a while back.
I'll post scans and rips of the off-shots and Love Fight extras later, for now, I only have a few pictures.

Random pictures of all those stuffs.Collapse )

And here, pictures of the mini-photobooks coming with the singles.
She's really GORGEOUS in those. That's why I really want to share scans with you (though I still need to find some time to scan and upload everything).

She's adorable, right ? ( ̄∀ ̄)

Also, I might get the photobook of Love Fight tomorrow. And I have no idea of where the hell is my copy of Kokoro, but as soon as I get them, I think I'll find some motivation to upload and post everything. Wait for me, ne ? ( ̄∀ ̄)

So, this might arrive soon on this community.Collapse )

See ya~♥ (soon, I hope).
21st-Apr-2011 09:49 pm - ハルフウェイ (Halfway)

Well, as my dear co-maintainer @yoshitakayuriko, aka xxasukixx brought me some members here, I guess it's time to start posting some stuffs ! ♥

So... This will be my first (real) post here. =]

I guess you know that Kie co-starred with Okada Masaki in the movie Halfway.
If you haven't seen him, you should watch it. Well, it's not exceptional, but in my opinion, it's a really cute movie. Though Masaki and Kie look more like brother and sister than a couple.

I made quite a lot of gifs from this movie, its making and other extras coming with the DVD.

I'll share some with you here. Other can be found on my journal @silystya. (Well, they might be lost in the bunch of entries lately, but they're there. ^^ If you're interested, use the tags to search. ;D) And there are also some in my community where I post random gifs @oneday_onegif.

Here for the gifs ♥Collapse )

Also, I shared all the extras here @silystya.
As some links are protected by passwords (I explained why on my journal), I won't post the links here, but my journal is completely public, so feel free to check there.

Nevertheless, here ↓ is a preview in case you're interested. =D

Ah. If you haven't seen the movie yet and can't find it, I can give you links. Just ask ! ;)
I'll have a few more stuffs to share with you soon, I just need some time to upload everything ♥

Well, then, I hope to see some of you post here soon, ne ?
Though I actually don't mind being the only one posting as long as I know people are reading me.
Make this community active, and don't forget to share if you know some Kie fans ! =D

See ya~♥
15th-Mar-2011 09:54 pm - Welcome post ♥

Welcome to this community dedicated to Kitano Kie !

Well, I've been surprised that there wasn't a community for Kitano Kie yet, that's why I decided to finally create it ! =] I hope there are a lot of fans out there ready to join me here ! ;D
And do not hesitate to spread the word to your LJ-friends ! (ノ^▽^)ノ♥

Anything related to Kie (from infos to graphics) is welcome, so feel free to post !

There are only a few rules :
✖ Please respect every other member. Stay tolerant, do not bash, be nice...
You can link to your own journal or other communities entries as long as those are public entries.
✖ Entries containing downloads must be set as members only !
✖ Pictures over 400px (width or height) must be put under cut.
Also, if you post a lot of pictures/gifs/videos, please lj-cut your entry as well.
Think about people who do have a slow connection ;)
✖ Do not write full entries with huge fonts or too many colors, it's not pleasant to the eyes.

One last thing : If you want to affiliate, just let a comment on this entry.
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